STEP Forward Exchange is run by volunteers for volunteers and we know first hand how rewarding volunteering can be for people from all corners of the world. Its plausible to say that without volunteering STEP Forward would have never existed.

Volunteering can be very serious, but above all it is amazing experience that can change your life. Some people dive into volunteering expecting to be able to change the world and that's a great attitude to have as its important not to lose sight of the bigger picture, but having a realistic approach can keep you grounded throughout your volunteering experience. Through our projects we want to give volunteers the realistic objective of community work such as supporting building a house, renovating a school, teaching kids about cultures, etc. Although the project is short - it is intense and we are aiming to provide a fun and enriching experience for those who choose to join with us.

Below are testimonials from people around the world just like you that have chosen to volunteer in Vietnam.