• Improved housing conditions leading to a better quality of life
  • Microfinance loan to develop a small sustainable business encouraging economic stability and independence
  • Emphasis on the significance of education through the provision of scholarships and study initiative



Owing to the lack of local business infrastructure, most families find themselves in local rice production or other similar agricultural professions. Although there is consistent work, the salaries are not sufficient to improve living conditions or even some essentials such as school tuition and fees for children amongst other issues. In particular, sub-standard housing can have a hugely detrimental effect on a family, regular flooding can lead to illness and cause damages that are not repairable on their income. Similarly, poor sanitary conditions will impact upon the safety of families with diseases such as malaria and cholera more likely. This has a knock on effect as parents are unable to go to work and children are commonly absent from school, lessening their chances of further education and as a result keeping future generations trapped in the poverty cycle



Improved housing provides countless benefits as the family have a comfortable living environment allowing them to focus on securing income. As well as this, the reduced risk of contracting illness and disease is paramount.  Parents can work steadily; able to provide food and other basic essentials whilst arguably most important, the child can focus on their education with less chance of a disrupted attendance and a clean and healthy environment to study at home.