Asian Platform Meeting & Action for Peace Campaign



The APM (Asian Platform Meeting) for the Service Civil International Regional Network in Asia & Pacific will be held first time ever in Vung Tau, Vietnam from 5 - 7 July. STEP Forward Exchange Vietnam proudly become the host country for this meeting.

Representatives of Asia-Pacific SCI-branches discussed matters concerning the development of SCI in the region. This annual meeting aims to tighten bilateral relationships between SCI branches and contacts and focused on developing projects, as well as promote stronger regional exchanges.

SCI HK, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Indonesia and Australia, STEP Vietnam would be participating. Besides the many sharing, and exchanges... we will have our first Asian 100 Action for Peace Campaign.




ENVIRONMENT FOR PEACE is an event which belongs to the framework of SCI 2020’s 100 Actions for Peace Campaigns, which bringing people from different ages, genders, backgrounds and nationalities together to work towards the same mission (Green Environment for Everybody).

This event has 4 main aims:

1. Improve participation in responding to environmental challenges.
2. Raise awareness about current environmental issues at local and international level
3. Promoting sustainable living in practice for local community
4. Last but not least, promote Intercultural Understanding & Peace by bringing people from different backgrounds come and work together (Since we will have great combination between SCI Asia pacific Activist and local members)

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The activity will be on Sunday Morning - 7 July. Local and international participants will gather in Vung Tau beach to do several fun and meaningful activity together to show the delicate inter-connectivity of our precious Environment and Peace.

Time: 6:00 to 10:00, Sunday, 7 July 2019 (in conjunction with the APM 2019)
Location: Vung Tau city, Vietnam


A. Introduction of about the objectives of the event and about SCI 100 Action For Peace Campaign.
B. Connecting Activities: Chance to let everybody interact and learn about each other. The involvement of participants from different countries (APM delegates) will also be a good chance to do Intercultural Awareness Activities.
C. Trash Treasure Hunt: While cleaning beach, we also learn about what kinds of trash being disposed to the ocean. This will help to increase environmental awareness among participants.
D. Sharing/ Discussion:

● What kinds of environmental saving practices that being carried around the world?
● What can we do at individual level?

Protecting Environment is not a single nation’s responsible but it should be a collective goal between different countries. Having this shared mission which is making our Environment Green and Clean is also a way we are promoting Peace.

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This event is organized by:

STEP Forward Exchange: Youth-led organization with the aims to promote Community Development, Youth Development and Peace Development through International Exchange Activities. In 2015, STEP officially become a contact member of Service Civil International Network (SCI) - a global network of International Voluntary Service.

SCI Asian Development Committee: The Asia Development Committee (ADC) is an informal Service Civil International working group consisting of branches or groups in the Asia-Pacific region, from Japan to Australia, India to Mauritius. Through the Asian Platform Meeting (APM), which we organize 2 times a year, we hope to share best practices, latest information and help in capacity building amongst branches in the Asia-Pacific region

Supporting by Local Partner: Chay Nhat, a project with main objectives to address plastic pollution in Vung Tau City, Vietnam. Chay Nhat works on these main activities: running & ocean clean-up; environmental awareness education, Tote bags Distribution, and Mug Tour.