STEP's 2017 Annual Report

Perhaps 2017 is one of our busiest year but we are very proud and happy that we had done many activities which bring positive impacts to the community. Here are summary of our works so far:

1.Mini Volunteer Camp 1 - “Understanding the rural community” 03,04 March 2017

18 members joined the camp whereas besides local volunteers , there were aslo 2 volunteers from Australia, 1 from Spain, 1 from America.

Our activities included:

  • Preliminary inspection, survey for information about commune in order to support for building the rehabilitation center
  • Visited disabled children’s houses to understand real situation
  • Organized culture exchange with local poor children, give them a chance to develop personal skills and social knowledge.
  • Gave some presents for poor kids to encourage them study harder.

General Information about our Mini Camp:

Mini Camp can be understood as a small voluntary trip with the combination between Learning and Sharing. Mini Camp will be planned and organized by volunteers with the supports  from  experienced members. This means that volunteers are expected to be an active member from preparatory stage to operation stage.


  • Creating a peaceful and harmonious society whereas people from all backgrounds can gather to exchange ideas and work together for the same purposes.
  •  Promoting the connection between people from rural and urban areas, between the participants and the benificaries. 
  • Creating opportunity for local communities to expose to new culture and up to date knowledge
  • Promoting better community development ‘s activities

2. Successful in funding and building Rehabilitation Center for local community in Mekong Delta Area, March- August 2017

Physaical therapy is a dynamic treatment that aims to assist individuals with the achievement, maintenance, and restoration of maximal physical functioning and health throughout their life.

However, for around 300 disabled people in the 3 village Long My, Binh Ninh, Ngai Tu ( which consider a rural area in Mekong Delta area) , they need to travel about 2 hours in order to come to the rehabilitation center for the treatment.

Realizing the needs for having proper place and facility for these special groups, in the beginning of March 2017, we already visited the village in order to understand more about the situation and start the project plan. We believe that having the Rehabilitation Center in the village would be a long term "investment" because it will not only help to lessen the cost of transportation of these special people but also assists them in maximizing their physical functioning.


The total cost for building the center as well as for management is 107,003,806 VND (nearly 5000 USD).After 2 months of calling for donations from public, we received in total of 23,200,000 VND from individuals donating, 65,000,000 VND from Gia Nguyen Advertising Company, and the rest is supported by NPA Group ( the main design and building constructor )

We are really appreciated for all the contribution. The project was successfully implemented in August with the participation of different representative: Tam Binh - Ngai Tu Commune Local Authority, Ngai Tu Clinic Center, Gia Nguyen Advertising Company, NPA Group and Step team.

3. SCI Asian Platform Meeting / Peers to Peace Learning Seminar - Penang, Malaysia 14 -20 July 2017

Wendy , representing STEP Vietnam participated in the SCI Asian Platform meeting and Peers to Peace Learning Seminar in Penang, Malaysia on July 2017. In the SCI APM, Wendy has proposed the developing of SCI Asian FB Fanpage to promote SCI activities in Asia to wider network.


Besides, the involvement in the Learning Seminar was also a great opportunity for STEP to learn about Fund-raising and Knowledge Management as well as get deeper engagement with other SCI members from international branches.

4. Mini Volunteer Camp 2 - “Intercultural Exchange and Movie Night”- 22,23 July 2017


We organized Movie night and Handmade workshop,  for children and supported in cleaning up and painting the new rehabilitation center with the participation of 3 volunteers from French and local volunteers. Even though it's just a short trip but hopefully we can bring some new experience for the kids in the village as well as for the volunteers who joined our project.

20543879_1993744254173192_1173634427220923573_o (1).jpg

5. Summer Workcamp 2017 – Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 08 - 16 August 2017

We organized 8 days workcamp with 8 participants from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (3 from Thailand, 1 from Japan and the rest from Vietnam). We did cultural exchange and taught local children English as well as about Thailand and Japan. Participants also had a very great time together with lot of activities such as self development activities, reflection, bonding game, etc.


Back to the university, STEP Forward APU also hold information session with other members and students in order to share about their experience in Vietnam. Moreover, the team also have frequent meet up to plan activities to promote community development and social awareness for more people. 




In early December, we organized a small ideas exchange workshop for young Vietnamese with the purpose to increase their understanding about how our stereotypes are formed and what can we do to break these stereotypes in order to enhance people's limitation.

**Purpose of this workshop:

  • aising awareness about stereotype and utilizing these understanding for improving personal capacity as well as limiting the negative impacts of stereotype on to the development of oneself and to others. 
  • Encouraging the Knowledge Sharing‘s habits
  • Creating an environment whereas English can be used for discussing and exchanging ideas.
After the discussions, we realized that each of us already had some stereotypes about certain group of people in our mind. 

After the discussions, we realized that each of us already had some stereotypes about certain group of people in our mind. 

7. Culture Night - 09 December 2017


Last week,  together with CSDS Saigon, we organized the Culture Night with the purpose to increase cultural understandings for young Vietnamese as well as to raise funds for the "Bright Future Project" - which is to support children in Dong Nai province.  
The culture night included the sharing from international volunteers from America, Denmark, Slovakia, Columbia, Germany, France. 


8. Our On-going and upcoming activities:

  • Calling for donation in “Bright Future Project” - implementing light bulb for 30 classrooms and making children playground for the local school in Dong Nai province, Vietnam
  • Organizing workcamp with student group from SCI Hong Kong from 28/12 to 03/01

Thank you very much for reading!