Taking a STEP Forward In Japan

StepFoward is very excited to announce to formation of STEP Forward APU in Japan!

Formed by StepForward founder, Anh Thu Le and her fellow students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific  Universtiy, the group is working to organise their own volunteer activities for Japanese, Vietnamese and International youth as well as fundraising and building awareness of our programs in Vietnam.

The group is also a member of the 'Peace Conference of Youth 2014', an open discussion environment working to discover the best ways to achieve lasting 'peace on earth'. The conference empowers young people to take the initiative in creating sustainable actions and problem solving solutions thus cultivating future leaders whose proactive actions can have a lasting impact on world peace. We are proud to be a part of this and are looking forward to both contributing and learning from other groups and individuals!

10678725_617547921701931_893291392989383484_n (1).jpg

STEP Forward APU's first activity, 'Recycle Happiness', is in full swing now as we call for donations of second-hand items that can be sold and 'recycled' rather than being left unused and wasted.

All the funds raised will go directly towards StepForward's housing projects in Vinh Long, Vietnam. This is a great achievement for both StepForward and our Japanese partners as we together seek to improve the lives of those less fortunate as well as encourage International youth to get involved in social development work and volunteer activities. 

Check out the latest updates on the official STEP Forward APU Facebook page here.