STEP Workshop - 28/9/14

A great day last Sunday at our intercultural communication event, 'Step Out Of Your Boundaries'. This was the first of many workshops that STEP will organise and we want to give a big thanks to all our participants and guests for their contribution and of course Habataku Inc members and Yoshitaka Ohara san, Habataku director, for the big support!

The day was centred around the obstacles arising in a multicultural environment, both positive and negative, and how despite the negative issues, teamwork is a universal concept; something we at STEP strongly believe. Interlinked with our sustainable housing projects in Vinh Long, our other key areas of work are personal development and cultural exchange and offering a platform for experiential learning. In this globalised world, the significance of cultural awareness can never be understated; allowing us the chance to learn and develop ourselves through a better understanding of others.

The group yesterday had a great diversity with Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese and British people in attendance and everyone had a fantastic opportunity to do just that through an interesting mix of team building activities and cultural awareness exercises. Whilst many of us may come from a different country, culture even education, when faced with a collective goal we come to the realisation that our differences can bring us together, not segregate us.

At STEP, we want to emphasise this point and break the 'barriers' that we sometimes think exist. Our housing projects are just one way of achieving this, we work to empower Vietnamese and international youth, giving them the confidence to speak up and instigate a positive change in not just their own, but all of our futures.

We're taking a 'STEP', come with us!