With the world rapidly becoming a smaller place, STEP Forward want to invite foreign volunteers to take an active role in project work. International volunteers will have the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture, living in the local area and working side by side with local volunteers and workers on housing development projects. As with most rural areas in Vietnam, most local people have never met a foreigner, let alone learnt about a culture in a different part of the world. STEP Forward wants to bridge this gap and allow international volunteers to share their culture and experiences from another part of the world. In turn, local people and Vietnamese volunteers will be encouraged to share their customs and way of life during the project.

Whilst many of us may come from a different country, culture even education, when faced with a collective goal we come to the realisation that our differences can bring us together, not segregate us. At STEP, we want to emphasise this point and break the 'barriers' that we sometimes think exist. Our housing projects are just one way of achieving this, we work to empower Vietnamese and international youth, giving them the confidence to speak up and instigate a positive change in not just their own, but all of our futures.

Volunteers will take part in various events that develop a good understanding of Vietnamese culture and history as well as being able to exchange their own values and traditions through to both fun and challenging activities. 

We also arrange regular events and activities with our network of Vietnamese volunteers especially around national holidays such as Tet (lunar new year) or the Mid-Autumn Festival. We encourage volunteers and anyone who is interested to join and experience first-hand the traditions and customs of Vietnam.