300 disabled people in Tam Binh, Vinh Long are now having the place!

Physical therapy is a dynamic treatment that aims to assist individuals with the achievement, maintenance, and restoration of maximal physical functioning and health throughout their life.

However, for around 300 disabled people in the 3 village Long My, Binh Ninh, Ngai Tu ( which consider a rural area in Mekong Delta area) , they need to travel about 2 hours in order to come to the rehabilitation center for the treatment.

Realizing the needs for having proper place and facility for these special groups, in the beginning of March 2017, we already visited the village in order to understand more about the situation and start the project plan. We believe that having the Rehabilitation Center in the village would be a long term "investment" because it will not only help to lessen the cost of transportation of these special people but also assists them in maximizing their physical functioning.

The total cost for building the center as well as for management is 107,003,806 VND ( nearly 5000 USD)
After 2 months of calling for donations from public, we received in total of 23,200,000 VND from individuals donating, 65,000,000 VND from Gia Nguyen Advertising Company, and the rest is supported by NPA Group ( the main design and building constructor )

We are really appreciated for all the contribution. The project was successfully implemented in August with the participation of different representative: Tam Binh - Ngai Tu Commune Local Authority, Ngai Tu Clinic Center, Gia Nguyen Advertising Company, NPA Group and Step team.