Out of Comfort Zone, Into Life

Let’s listen to an inspirational story of Mint - a third year student from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan. Mint at first joined STEP Camp in Vietnam as a volunteer, then she became a representative leader of STEP Forward APU - an affiliate of STEP Forward Exchange. With the support from circle members, Mint decided to organize the workcamp in her home country Thailand.

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Going to Vietnam Camp with Step Forward APU in 2017 was my first time ever doing a volunteer. Back when I was a child, I was a very cautious kid who always be careful not to go out of my own comfort zone because it seemed ‘scary’ at that time. It’s not like I didn’t want to experience something new and exciting. I was just scared of the possibility of negative outcomes. Eighteen was the age when I started to take actions to change myself. Taking flight far across the globe to study at APU was probably the turning point of my life. I’ve met amazing people here who taught me how I can help improving other people’s lives, encourage me, inspiring me to do something I never thought I would.

Introduce about Thai Culture to Vietnamese kids - STEP Summer Camp 2017

Introduce about Thai Culture to Vietnamese kids - STEP Summer Camp 2017


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A week ago, I just said good-bye to all my camp members who have come all the way from their home countries to join an Educational volunteer camp in my hometown, Phrae, Thailand. Soon after the Vietnam camp ended last year, me and my good friend Anna was talking to each other about the possibility of making our camp here in Thailand. Both of us are very new to the whole volunteer community in terms of leadership, so we were very scared at first whether it will be successful or not. Despite our fear, with a determined mind and a strong intention to do something good for our community, we decided to just go with the idea and did our best in every steps of the way.

During the camp, we had fun teaching kids in the local elementary school, exchanging cultures with the kids in House of Mercy (an orphanage based in Phrae where all the talented gems are waiting to be found), cooking each country’s local food and sharing precious moments together. In a span of only 5 days, we have grown so much closer and learned many valuable life lessons through observing life and our own mistakes. It was an unforgettable lifetime experience that I would love to do it again next year.

Thank you Step Forward, for giving me inspiration and courage to actually do something for someone else who needed it.

By Thitikamon Modhuang (Mint), Thailand.